Letters of Recommendation


Read what others have said... Letters from our students who are attending or have graduated from the Center for Higher Purpose (CFHP Academy) and those who have already worked with Dr. Breiling in other capacities...

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dr. Carol Breiling. I have known Dr. Breiling for several years both as fellow alumni and as a colleague at the Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency Adult and Aging Branch. Dr. Breiling is someone who I have come to respect and admire. Her keen ability to identify deficiencies in complex processes while simultaneously developing and implementing cost-effective solutions is one of the qualities that sets her apart from others. Her administrative abilities are further demonstrated by her tenure as the CEO and Director of the Center for Higher Purpose a successful 501(C) 3 accredited learning institution. Her success as an entrepreneur is matched by her unique ability to communicate complex data to a wide variety of audiences. As a published author I can speak to Carol 's written and verbal communication skills, which are by far exceptional. Carol’s organizational skills are also exceptional, as she is able to take on numerous tasks with little or no direction. Carol will often take the initiative to learn new information and therefore has a tendency to be well informed on complex issues. She is passionate about issues that affect the population she serves yet, poised and confident in her ability to address a variety of issues to various audiences in a professional manner. In terms of personality and leadership style, Carol is both a transformative and participative. She is very sensitive to interpersonal nuances and equally talented in finding the appropriate delivery of complex or sensitive information. She will often involve others in the decision-making process and as a result she tends to create unity and energy within her team members, while at the same time instilling passion and commitment to organizational objectives. Her conflict resolution skills have been honed over many years while engaging individuals in psychotherapeutic intervention. Carol has a demonstrated ability to work well with several populations across various demographics including children and adults with a variety of social and psychological needs. She has a very good grasp of the science and treatment behind many of the developmental issues that affect her community and her experience as a retired veteran as well as her life experiences have provided her with unique wisdom and insight into the educational needs of others. You will find that Carol demonstrates a great deal of compassion and empathy for others and that her disposition is both caring and professional. She maintains a professional and compassionate relationship with all those she serves. In closing, I enthusiastically recommend Carol and the Center for Higher Purpose – Triad for Change as a Community Partner for SUD Outpatient Treatment Services in Sacramento County. I believe she would be tremendous asset to the populations she serves” – Dr. K.H., PsyD

“I am a Center for Higher Purpose – Online Addiction Counselor Academy graduate. Dr. Breiling has helped me with my career in these ways, she made herself available to answer questions, I had regarding the curriculum she was teaching and provided resources, so my career as a Substance Use Disorder Counselor would be successful. As an instructor, I find her to be very informative, knowledgeable, approachable, and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Breiling's” – Carl D., SUDRC, CFHP Graduate

“I am a student at the Center for Higher Purpose – Online Addiction Counselor Academy. Dr. Breiling has helped me with my career in these ways, she provided me with a couple of referrals in which I can work as a registered SUD counselor. As an instructor, I find her to be resourceful, knowledgeable, and very approachable as she avails herself 24 hours a day including weekends! Amazing! She also led me to the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and I was able to have my classes paid for, books, a computer, and a printer as well! I highly recommend Dr. Breiling as she will be an invaluable professional woman in her endeavors of chemical dependency at a university or as a SUD Treatment Provider in our community” – Kari P., SUDRC, CFHP Student

“My name is Keith C., I am a student with the Center for Higher Purpose Addiction Counselor Academy. Dr. Breiling has helped me with my career in various manners. As a new college student, I had many questions for which she assisted in every capacity. She has been instrumental in helping with the enrollment process and needed materials. In addition, she assisted me in finding the necessary funding for the program. As an instructor, I find her to be very patient, extremely knowledgeable, and compassionate. On several occasions, I have reached out to her regarding curriculum or questions. She has always promptly responded with a wealth of knowledge. Dr. Breiling uses a combination of various pedagogies to reach each of her students. As a student, she has engaged me in a student-centered learning pace, continued performance assessment, real-life curriculum, and reflection relating to personal experiences. Because of Dr. Breiling, I am successfully completing the AOD (Alcohol and other Drug) Certification Program. She will be n asset to any place of education either as an administrator or professor. I highly recommend Dr. Breiling's” – Keith C., CFHP Student

“Doctor Breiling is highly motivated, thorough, flexible, confident, and extremely focused on tasks in addition to helping others, my inspiring teacher, as well as my /our leader, always maintains a positive outlook. Doctor Breiling has helped me in many ways. She has taught me how to encourage my own opinions, and how to handle stress, in addition to encouraging me to be a risk taker. Dr. Breiling has taught me to always be career-resilient and to visualize success. As an instructor, I find her to be very competent, very skilled, energized, passionate, disciplined, and emotionally intelligent. And because of her, my performance has elevated me to leadership positions. I more than highly recommend Dr. Breiling” – Maurice S., SUDRC, CFHP Student

“My name Is Michael H. and I am currently a student of Dr.Carol Breiling. I want to relay that she has gone above and beyond to help me with my school work and to assure I am successful on the career path I am choosing to be a drug and Alcohol Counselor. She is kind, and choosepatient, always makes herself available, and can take all the time I need to help me as I learn. She has given me encouragement when I get frustrated and is always proud of my success. I highly recommend her for any path she pursues” – Michael H., RADT, CFHP Student

“My name is Shayna S., I am a graduate of the Center for Higher Purpose – Online Addiction Counselor Academy. Dr. Breiling has helped me with my career in the ways of guidance and encouragement on the various paths to my career options for maximum security. As an instructor, I found her to be incredibly empathic, amazingly patient, and remarkably informative. I highly recommend Dr. Breiling's” – Shayna S., SUDRC, CFHP Graduate

“I have been Ms. Breiling’s Clinical Supervisor for Marriage and Family Therapy licensing since August 2022. In this time, I have met with Ms. Breiling at least two hours per week most weeks. Through our group setting I have come to know her as intelligent, reliable, a problem solver and clear thinker, compassionate, patient, and a team worker” – Jean M., LCSW

“I am writing this letter of recommendation for Dr. Carol Breiling, who I have had the pleasure of knowing for the past four years. I have witnessed her exceptional teaching and mentoring skills firsthand, and I can attest to her outstanding ability to guide and support individuals through their education and professional development. As an addiction counseling student, I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Breiling as my instructor and mentor. She went above and beyond in helping me understand complex material, and her dedication and enthusiasm for her subject matter was contagious. Her ability to connect with students and create a supportive learning environment made a significant impact on my education and career trajectory. Furthermore, Dr. Breiling provided me with invaluable guidance and support during some of the most challenging times in my personal and professional life. Her empathetic and compassionate nature, combined with her vast knowledge and experience, made her an ideal mentor. She was always available to listen and offer guidance, and her support was instrumental in helping me navigate through difficult situations. In conclusion, I have no doubt that Dr. Carol Breiling would be an exceptional asset to any role she seeks to fill in this community. Her passion for education, her commitment to her students, and her exceptional teaching and mentoring skills make her an ideal leader for the Sacramento area and beyond. I wholeheartedly endorse her efforts to open up the Triad for Change SUD Outpatient Treatment Program. I know she will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of others”- Joseph P, SUDCC, CFHP Graduate